Project Data Sheets

Project 2023 is the Chombeli Workshop for Street Families.
See the Project Data Sheet for more information.

Project 2024 is about to begin - Chekombero Special Primary School for the Deaf. See the Project Data Sheet for more information.

Project 2023 - Chombeli Workshop for Street Families
Project 2024 - Chekombero Special Primary School for the Deaf

Selected Past Projects:

To read more about some of the projects The Kenya Trust have been involved with please click on the images below to read our Project Data Sheet – New Data Sheets will be added from time to time.

Muthanthara Primary and Secondary Schools - 2022/2023
Makhwabuye Primary School - 2020/2022
Joyland Primary School Phase 2 - 2020
Braille Paper Appeal - 2019
Emurembe Primary School - 2019

Music related projects:

Donated Instruments - Ongoing

Summary Data Sheets:  providing an overview of the types of projects the trust has been involved with over many years.

Summary Project Data Sheet - Water Supply Projects
Joyland Primary School Phase 1 - 2019
Jogoo Primary School - 2019
Kwirenyi Secondary School - 2019
Variety Village Vocational School - Baldock Rotary Club - 2019
Instrument Repair Shop - 2022
Summary Project Data Sheet - Sanitaion, Health and Hygiene
Njoro Special Needs School - 2014
Maiani Clinic - 2013
Kosovo Mathare Nursery School -2012
Variety Village Vocational School - 2011
Music Projects Overview - Ongoing
Summary Project Data Sheet - Education Projects
Gategi Primary School - 2009
Kimirii Water Supply - 2009
Irukose Primary School - 2006
Kibera Nursery School - 2005
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