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Special Appeal for donations.

Please take a look at our Project Data Sheet Page for details of our Project 2020. We have not been able to formally launch this project due COVID-19 restrictions.

We need your special help.

As we were unable to launch this project in 2020 we have rolled it over to be our 2021 project.  Please watch the video on the left to hear about our ambitions for this project.

Alternatively, click here: Project Data Sheets

The Kenya Trust is a charity registered in England  (Charity number 1105495).  

The Kenya Trust started work in 2003 and achieved charitable status in 2004 with the sole aim of supporting the work of The Salvation Army in Kenya.

The Aims of The Kenya Trust are:

1) To assist in improving conditions and facilities at Salvation Army schools, hostels and community centres in Kenya, and

2) To promote and support the development of music ministry within The Salvation Army in Kenya.

If you would like to know more about how The Kenya Trust came into being please see our ‘About’ page.

If you would like to support the work of The Kenya Trust please visit our ‘Donate’ Page or Facebook page.  Thank you.

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