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1- Our 2021/2022 project has been started and we are raising funds for the Muthanthara Primary and Secondary Schools infrastructure improvements.  To  see more details of the project click HERE.

2- The Makhwabuye Primary School improvement project is now complete and officially opened.  See the News page for details and also you can click on the link to see the detailed Project Data sheet.  Click to see the Project Data sheet for specifics of this project.

3- Christmas Braille Paper Appeal 2019 to raise funds to supply braille paper to 2 schools for the blind and visually impaired raised over £1,500 and the funds have now been sent to Kenya and the paper has been delivered. See the Project Data Sheet for details.

4- Joyland Wheelchair Appeal closed – Thank you for a successful appeal.  To see more details of this project click here to open the Project Data Sheet.

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Forthcoming Events – 2022

1- Friday April 8th – Birmingham Citadel’s Got Talent.  An evening of entertainment and talent.  Time to be announced.

2- Thursday April 28th – Speaking at The Wesley Guild at Park Road Methodist Church in Bedford at 10:30 AM.

3- Sunday May 22nd – Speaking at The Salvation Army church in Ramsgate, exact time to be announced but will be around 1:30/2PM.

4- Saturday November 12th – ‘Into Africa’ concert evening at Staple Hill Salvation Army, exact time and venue address will be announced shortly.  

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