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1 – Muthanthara Primary and Secondary Schools infrastructure improvement projects.

2- Improved Infrastruture at Makhwabuye Primary School

3- Provision of specialist Braille paper to two schools for the visually impared.

4 – Joyland Wheelchair Appeal

Muthanthara Primary and Secondary Schools infrastructure improvement projects are now complete!

September 2023

On the completion of our 2021 project described below the trust embarked on a new project for 2022.  This project was to improve infrastructure at two schools at Muthanthara in Central Kenya. These two projects are now complete and were opened by the Territorial Commander for Kenya East, Colonel Daniel Kiama on the 5th September 2023.

The first project was to construct two new blocks of latrines, one for boys and one for the girls at the Primary School.  

The second project is to construct and equip a new classroom for the Secondary School.  The classroom has a capacity for 45 students. 

Improved infrastructure for the Makhwabuye Primary School in Malava, Western Kenya. NOW FULLY OPEN!

June 2021

In 2020 we began working on this project to provide new and improved infrastructure for this primary school in Western Kenya.  

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our fundraising efforts were stopped and the project was rolled over into 2021.  We have now completed the project thanks to the very significant support we have received from you our supporters and donors.

The Kenya Trust have provided £26,500 to fund the project which included:

  • Building a new classroom
  • Building 2 pit latrines each of 6 cubicles, one of girls and one for boys.
  • Drilling a borehole and building a water storage tank to provide clean fresh water.
  • Building a washing station for the children to improve hygiene and sanitation.
  • Refurbishing the Early Childhood Development classroom.
  • Providing 80 desks and lockers for the new classrooms
  • Providing desks for the staff room.

July 2021: Read the letter of thanks received from the Head Teacher of the school.  Click here to view the letter.

New classroom almost complete and one side of the 6 cubicle pit latrine, washing station and borehole being drilled.

On July 1st 2021 the project was completed and opened by Commissioner Stephen Chepkurui and Commissioner Grace Chepkurui.  Photos below are of the celebrations.  This slide show will scroll through all 26 photos.

Fundraisers for Funding the supply of Braille Paper
to 2 Schools for the Visually impaired

June 2020

In the autumn of 2019 three of our trustees, Richard Whitmore, Patricia Owen and Philip Northwood visited Kenya to review some of our previously funded projects, to look at prospective projects and to connect face to face with The Salvation Army in Kenya.

During this 10 day visit we were taken to a School for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Kibos, just outside Kisumu in western Kenya.

This site hosts both a Primary and a Secondary School.  We were privileged to meet with the Head Teachers of both schools and meet with a number of the students.  We witnessed first-hand the conditions in which the schools operate and the financial difficulties they have.  Both Head Teachers shared with us that one of their biggest issues was with the supply of Braille paper for the students.

On our return to the UK, Patricia and Philip both decided to approach their respective Salvation Army Churches; Birmingham Citadel in Patricia’s case and Bedford Congress Hall in Philip’s, with a request for a fundraising project specifically to supply Braille paper to the Kibos Schools and for the Likoni School for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Mombasa in eastern Kenya.

Both churches readily agreed and the Christmas Appeal 2019 in Birmingham and the Christmas Card Board project in Bedford were given over to raise funds for this project.

The Birmingham appeal is an annual appeal which focuses on items needed within the Salvation Army world such as solar lamps, desks or in this case reams of Braille paper.

At Bedford church members can opt to send one card to the church members in lieu of individual cards.  The money saved is given as a donation.  Their ‘corporate’ card is displayed on the communal Christmas card board.

Together we are pleased to report that just over £1,500 was raised by both churches to support the appeal and we were able to send £750 to both Kibos and Likoni Schools for the Blind.

We are grateful to the members of our respective churches for their support in this way and pleased to report that the money has been received and the paper will be purchased in time for the next school year.

To read more and see pictures of the Kibos schools please go to the Project Data Sheet page of our website and see the specific Data Sheet or click here: Braille Paper Data Sheet. 

Links to the relevant Salvation Army churches are below:

Birmingham Citadel

Bedford Congress Hall

Click on the photo to link to a video of Likoni School for the Visually Impaired.
Students reading their Braille text books
Special braille printer uses tractor fed paper
Braille machines awaiting funds for repair and maintenance
The Head Teacher and the Chaplains of the School take delivery of the Braille Paper at Likoni.

Fundraising Campaign for Joyland Primary School, Kisumu. 

Bringing Joy to Joyland

February 2020

Recently, The Kenya Trust ran a successful campaign across Facebook and via local Salvation Army corps (churches) in the UK and raised over £5,000 specifically to buy personally adapted wheelchairs, for children with severe disabilities at the Joyland Primary School for the Physically Disabled run by The Salvation Army in Kenya.

Joyland, founded by The Salvation Army in 1974 as a rehabilitation centre and school in Kisumu, western Kenya, offers vocational courses including tailoring and farming as well as life skills.

Almost all students live on site in dormitories because of the great distance to their homes and families. A total of 250 students live, eat, study and work together.

The school serves students with a variety of needs, including those with muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, mental illness, spina bifida, epilepsy and those who have been injured. Those with multiple disabilities find support and fellowship at Joyland.

Original equipment is now well beyond its end-of-life and in desperate need of replacement.

With the generous support of many donors the Trust has been able to fund the full request for 15 new wheelchairs and have a contingency fund to cover essential maintenance into the future.

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