Supporting Music Ministry

The Kenya Trust’s music programme supports the development of The Salvation Army’s music ministry in Kenya.  From its earliest beginnings in 1998 The Kenya Trust has supported music making in Kenya and continues to do this today.   There are 3 main areas of support given by The Kenya Trust; 1) Sponsorship of and running Music Schools, 2) Sponsorship of and running Music Leadership Seminars and 3) Supply of instruments and music.   All these activities, since 1998, have been significant in producing good musical leaders and musicians. Music making has never been stronger than it currently is in Kenya and The Salvation Army’s evangelical programme is the richer for it.

Music Schools – Music Leadership Training – Supply of Music and Instruments – Music Repair and Maintenance.

Music Schools

Starting back in 1998 the predecessors to The Kenya Trust saw the need to develop musicianship and music playing as a major contributor to the development of The Salvation Army’s Music Ministry.  So music schools were reinstated and supported both financially and with staff to run them.  Typically a music school would be a residential school and run for a week and culminated with a music festival.  Some schools had up to 200 delegates many travelled great distances to be a part of the school.  The Kenya Trust provided financial support for the school with accommodation, food as well as music, uniforms and general administrative support.  Although predominantly a music school, time was set aside each day for Bible study and worship.

Music Leadership Seminars

It soon became apparent that local musical leadership training was needed.  Many outstanding musicians had attended music schools and so in around 2011 it was decided to run Music Leadership Seminars.  Music leaders from local corps (Churches) came together to hone their musical knowledge, conducting skills and personnel management.  Bible study and worship played an important role in the curriculum of each of these seminars.  The Kenya Trust again sponsored these events as well as provided music trainers, leadership trainers and Bible study leaders.

Music leadership is an important part of The Kenya Trust focus as it is only with local leadership equipped with the necessary skills and tools will the music ministry in Kenya move forward.

Supply of Donated Instruments and Music

Musical instruments are extremely expensive in Kenya and are out of reach for most of individuals playing in Salvation Army bands.  Since the early days or The Kenya Trust’s existence shipments of donated instruments have been sent to support the growth of Salvation Army bands in the country. 

The Kenya Trust will collect from anywhere in the UK and repair and refurbish donated instruments to a playable standard before they are distributed to corps (Churches) around Kenya.  Instruments in any state of repair are welcome as we can reclaim unplayable ones for spares.  Even empty cases are welcome.

IF you would like to donate any instruments or cases, old or new please contact us via email at [email protected] 

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Music Repair and Maintenance

Well over 2,000 instruments have been shipped to Kenya since The Kenya Trust started.  These instruments need to be maintained and repaired.  There is no recognised repair facility in the country and there is nowhere to buy essential parts and consumable items like valve or slide oil.

In an effort to drive self-sufficiency and provide a local source for the repair and maintenance of instruments The Kenya Trust sponsored a couple of technicians from Kenya to visit the UK and be trained.  This initiative is now being restarted in 2020 with the formation of The Instrument Repair Shop in Nairobi.  

Two containers will be refurbished and fitted out, one as an instrument store and the other as a workshop.  Donations of equipment and tooling would be very welcome to enable this facility to be up and running as soon as possible.

If you would like to be a part of this venture for 2020 please send us an email at [email protected]

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