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Featured in this video is a CD of 23 piano arrangements “Keys for Kenya” arranged and performed by the Secretary of The Kenya Trust.  Also available is the autobiography of the retired Chairman of The Kenya Trust, both are available to purchase from our on-line shop. The cost for both include postage and packing. 

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2005 Territorial Music School
2013 Territorial Music School
Irukose Primary School old classrooms
Irukose Primary School new classrooms funded by The Kenya Trust

From about the mid 1990’s there had been an ongoing initiative to support The Salvation Army in Kenya in developing and expanding a music programme. It became apparent that this initiative needed to become a bit more structured and formalised.

So, in 1998 the ‘SA Music for Kenya Fund’ was created to supply The Salvation Army in Kenya with instruments (brass, guitars, keyboards), music, teaching manuals, Christian literature, books, educational packs, clothes, toys and many other miscellaneous items. This work was supplemented in the same year by reinstating the annual music school as part of the development of The Salvation Army music ministry in Kenya.

Within a few years it was recognised that there was a need for music leadership training and so began a series of Music Leadership Camps where local music leaders could gain the necessary skills in both music and leadership.

In 2003, in recognition of the growing needs of The Salvation Army’s social work in Kenya, a team of 6 Salvationists based in the UK got together to supplement the music programme with efforts to improve the conditions of the many Salvation Army run schools and social care establishments. This was the embryonic start of The Kenya Trust.

Becoming a registered charity in 2004 the Trust has achieved continuous success in areas where poverty affects the ability of local communities to provide adequate schooling or care for special needs children.

Since its inception over £550,000 has been raised and sent to Kenya to support both the growth of the music ministry and the social work of The Salvation Army in Kenya. The Kenya Trust is grateful for the support it receives from so many in the United Kingdom that enables it to continue its vital work. THANK YOU!

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