CD ‘Keys for Kenya’


A CD with 23 piano tracks of ‘Musical Offerings’ arranged and performed by Patricia Owen the Secretary of The Kenya Trust. 100% of the cost of each CD will go directly toward The Kenya Trust’s 2021 Project – the refurbishment of the Makhwabuye Primary School in western Kenya.



For Salvationists, the act of making a difference is key to their identity as Christians.  But behind every action is a deeply felt motivation, borne out of commitment and consecration.   Keys for Kenya, a new recording of musical offerings by Patricia Owen, combines both worlds, being a practical fund-raising project on the one hand, and a vehicle for prayer and meditation on the other.

The album begins suitably with an invitation to sit down in the Kingdom of God.  As we accept this call to rest together with diverse others, we begin a musical reverie which describes the many influences that have informed our Christian journey.  Each song has significance.  Every melody is compelling.

The overall content might best be described as a collection of music held in deep affection by the artist.  Many are dedicated to Salvationist friends and colleagues of personal significance.  Some are taken from the rich choral library of our Songster music.  Others belong to the world at large, and are familiar and thought provoking as we encounter them through Patricia’s skilled piano arrangements, all but one of which is her own invention.

Comment from James Curnow who is the composer of Worship The Lord – Track 3:

” I can’t thank you enough for sending me this wonderful setting on Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness. The way Patricia enhanced the text with her arrangement, filling it with a depth of meaning only possible through a personal understanding of the text, makes listening all the more enjoyable for for me. If I were a pianist, which I am not, I would have wanted to write an arrangement just like this. May the Lord continue to bless your piano ministry. Jim”.

KEYS FOR KENYA – List of tracks

  1. They Shall Come From the East John Larsson
  2. Morning Has Broken Traditional Gaelic Melody
  3. Worship the Lord James Curnow
  4. God of All Wonders (Nalada) Zdenek Fibich
  5. As the Deer Martin Nystrom
  6. Fall Surrender (Medley) Joseph Kosma/Winfield S. Weeden
  7. Here I Am, Lord Dan Schutte
  8. Draw Me Nearer William H. Doane
  9. Make Me a Channel Sebastian Temple
  10. Thou Wilt Keep Him in Perfect Peace Robert Witty
  11. Glorify Thy Name Donna Adkins
  12. Hush Now Darrel V. Archer
  13. A Time to Pray (Medley) Anon/Johann Steiner/Icelandic folk tune/Arthur Arnott
  14. Come Into Our World/Candle of the Lord Joy Webb/Joy Webb
  15. Silent Night Franz Gruber
  16. King of Kings, Majesty Jarrod Cooper
  17. The Londonderry Air Traditional Irish Melody
  18. Lydia Thomas Phillips
  19. O My Jesus Robert Redhead
  20. The Water of Tyne Traditional English folk song
  21. St. Clement Clement C. Scholefield
  22. God Be With You Till We Meet Again Ralph V. Williams
  23. At the End of the Day Donald O’Keefe

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