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Drought Relief in northern Kenya
Nairobi Girls Training School: Refurbishment work
Joytown Junior School’s (Special Needs Unit)

Joytown Junior School for the Disabled
Shipment of donated goods
Gategi: Building of a Special Needs Unit
Nairobi Girls Training School: Repairs

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Thika School for the Visually Impaired (special desks)
Joytown School for the Disabled: Two Toilet Blocks
Kibera Primary School: Building of Two New Classrooms
Lokitaung: Building of New Dormitory
Irukose: Building of 7 Classroom School
Kimirii: Water Project in eastern Kenya
Gategi: Building of Special Needs Unit

Kibera Primary School: Building of Two New Classrooms
Kimirii: Water Project in eastern Kenya

Newsletter 2012_2Additional Project Details:

Report: Kimirii Woman’s Water Project – Meru District.

Social project now completed.

A group of woman started a Water project over 20 years ago in an attempt to improve the water supply for their families and others in the small-scale farming community around Kimirii in the Eastern province of Kenya. They began by pooling their own small savings each month and buying water tanks. In 1997 they made ambitious plans to pipe water from a spring at the top of a local hill but found that the water supply was inadequate to reach all the way to their community.

The only hope in solving their water problem now is to run a booster pipeline from a local river to a large central tank from which water will flow along different ‘branch’ lines to places in the 20 square kilometre area. Community water points will be established along the pipeline while individuals will be able to make their own connections. The Kimirii Woman’s Group will help poorer members to buy pipes running to their own home.

Ultimately the project aims to benefit 4000 people, their livestock, some schools and very importantly, the Mbeu Health Centre.

For this project a sum of £17,000 is required and the Trust, recognising the urgent and important need, has undertaken to raise this amount.

Recently the Trust has financed the refurbishment of a dormitory at Thika Primary School and toilets at the Gategi School for special needs students.

Recently the Trust has completed a project to build a seven classroom school at Irukose in western Kenya. The project comprised an administrative block, a medical room and latrines in addition to the 7 classrooms.

Irukose is situated in an area where unemployment and illiteracy are high and HIV/AIDS has had a devastating impact on children and families increasing the levels of poverty and vulnerability.

Since 2008 The Kenya Trust has provided:

  • a fridge-freezer and 5000 litre water tank for the Lions Girls’ Hostel in Nairobi.
  • new pathways and classrooms floors and 3 classroom toilets at Joytown Primary School, Thika.
  • 70, specially designed desks and chairs, to accommodate Braille machines, at Thika High School for the Blind.
  • 7 shipments of Instruments (brass, percussion, guitars, keyboards), music, school materials, teaching aids and manuals and children clothes.
  • personnel and financial support to annually run Territorial Music Schools and Leadership Training Seminars.- 200 school bags for students at Joytown primary School.
  • funds (£25,000) to build 2 new classrooms, a staff room and playground at Kibera.
  • finance (£2000) for the building of a dormitory at the Army’s school in Lokitaung.
  • a £1000 donation to the Army’s drought response programme to purchase 3 water tanks.
  • 24 Instruments and percussion kit and music (£7000) for the Kenya Territorial Band.