Newsletter Spring 2016

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Brotherly Love

The last 12 years have provided many pleasurable and satisfying challenges to myself, TKT Trustees and I’m sure also to those of you who have helped the Kenya Trust raise money in support of many worthwhile projects. These periodic newsletters provide an opportunity to say ‘thank you’ again because without your continued giving and support of our fund raising events little could be achieved. Space here will only allow a brief account of the projects we have supported but more detailed descriptions can be found on our web-site or by request to The Kenya Trust, 36 Queens Avenue, Hanworth Park, Middlesex, TW13 7NU.

NJORO SCHOOL is a school for children with severe disabilities and is one of only a handful of schools in Kenya to cater for neuropsychiatric disabled children. Our project consisted of providing new facilities along with educational resources. Without doubt this is an ongoing and challenging situation and your prayers are requested for this school.

Along with a Laserjet printer, a supply of educational resources was also purchased for the JOYTOWN PRIMARY SCHOOL SPECIAL UNIT.

The MATHARE KOSOVO COMMUNITY SCHOOL is located in what is considered one of the most difficult areas of Kenya. It caters for vulnerable children who are orphans or from single parent families. The Kenya Trust along with fund raising from the Staines Rainbow Playgroup has been supporting this school by contributing to it’s running costs which has been invaluable in enabling The Salvation Army to continue its mission in this area.

Funds have also been sent for projects now being commenced at SHINOYL School (refurbishment), Kianimuthi (new classrooms), SOLONGO (poultry scheme), and MADAGWA (water project).

As part of our MUSIC DEVELOPMENT program in both the Kenya East and Kenya West Territories music schools and music leaders training seminars continued to be held and financially supported. This program included the shipment of over 60 donated Instruments in 2015/16

We are indebted to Corps such as Staines, Bristol Easton, Bristol Staple Hill, Bath Citadel, Reading Central and Addlestone who have held fund raising concerts enabling the Trust to continually support projects such as these.