Newsletter Spring 2015

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‘THANK YOU’ to all Supporters

It is 18 months since the last issue of this newsletter. This hasn’t been due to a lack of things to report, much the opposite. I hope however that you are able to visit our web-site from time to time where you can find out about our current activity and indeed the work that has been going on since commencing the Trust in 2004.p1_Maiani Medical Centre looking good

I have just returned from a visit to Kenya reviewing project work both completed and those on an ever expanding wish list. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to be involved in work that is making life a little easier for those living in harsh surroundings and experiencing trying situations. With this work I am fully aware of the part our supporters play without whom nothing could be achieved. So a big ‘thank you’ to all of you for this support.

Since we last reported TKT has sponsored Territory Music Schools (TMS) in the Kenya West and Kenya East territories and a Music Leaders Training Seminar (MLTS) in Kenya West. These events, running now for some years, have contributed hugely to the successful development and use of musical resources in The Salvation Army. Featured prominently in this programme has been tuition in music theory, brass, choral, keyboard and guitar playing in addition to the teaching of leadership skills for managing musical groups.

TMS_1TKT continues to acquire instruments for Kenya. Our appreciation goes to all donors especially Charley Brighton (Staines) for his reconditioning work and Chatham Corps who provided instruments and contributed to the cost of their shipment.

Included in the social support programme has been the installation of a new kitchen at the Kibera Nursery School (sponsored by Staines Ladies Fellowship), a new play area for the special needs unit at Joytown Junior School and support in terms of school materials (sponsored by Staines Rainbow Playgroup) and renovations at the Kosovo School, Mathare where things are especially difficult. A major project for the Trust over the last year or so has been the financing of a building for a badly needed Medical Centre at Maiani, a remote area in south east Kenya. This has been a partnership effort between TKT, the Kenya Health Ministry, Salvation Army territories in the USA and Australian and the local Maiani community. After some delay due to late electricity connections this project will be completed in the next couple of months. Water tanks were also purchased for schools in the drought ridden area of northwest Kenya. Underway are efforts to carry out badly needed renovations for the Salvation Army’s Special Needs School at Njoro. Finance is in place and the commencement of this project is imminent.



Underpinning our fund-raising during the last year has been three ‘INTO AFRICA’ concerts.

Staines: Enfield Band (Jonathon Corry), Isobel Daws (Trombone) and Staines Songsters (Samantha Turner)

Bristol Easton: Charlie Green (vocal), Bristol Fashion (Ladies Barbershop Chorus) and Bristol Easton Band (Anthony Smith)

Bristol Staple Hill: Gloucester Songsters (Phil Webb), Staple Hill Band (Nathan James), Phil Webb (vocal) and Phil James (Euphonium)

Together these excellent events brought in over £17,000 for the Trust.

A Staines Quiz night also raised £1000.

TKT’s next project

The Trust has agreed to fund new building and renovation work at Kianamuthi School in the Meru district of Kenya where conditions are poor and unsafe.. We will appreciate any financial help that you can give and keep you up-to-date with progress on this project. If your Corps, Church or any group would like the challenge of their own project please let us know. TKT can provide a list from which to choose.