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January 2009

On arriving home following my first trip to Kenya some five years ago I was soon taking a hot shower to freshen myself up after the journey. As I relished the experience, and with memories of Kenya so fresh in my mind, I recall thanking God for hot and cold clean water, on tap as it were. This prayer continues to be offered when I take my daily shower as I realise that so many are not fortunate enough to have cold water readily available, let alone the luxury of a hot shower. You can imagine then that when Marshall Currie, projects manager in Kenya, asked if the Trust could take on a water project as its commitment for 2008/9 I was up for it, and ready to recommend it to the Kenya Trust trustees. Our two previous projects had been to finance the building of two classrooms at the Army’s school in Kibera and building a seven classroom school at Irukose in western Kenya. With education and water top of the Trust’s priorities the water project seemed ideal and many of you have helped us move towards our target during 2008.

Newsletter 2009 WaterKimirii, in central Kenya is the site of the water project. In November I had the opportunity to visit Kimirii and was further encouraged by the excitement of the working group there as they could see at last, a positive end to their years of hoping for a water source close to home (see Marshall Currie’s letter page 2.). The project budget was £17,000 but with the recent drop in Sterling this has grown to £21,000. We are therefore very grateful to The Salvation Army’s International Development UK as they have agreed to partner The Kenya Trust on this project with a contribution of £6000.

We are now well into the New Year and I hope 2009 will be good to you and to those who have supported with donations or organised fund raising events in 2008 we say a BIG, BIG THANKYOU.

Wes Maughan – Secretary, The Kenya Trust


Newsletter 2009 - ChildrenLetter From Kenya

December 2008

Dear Wes,

I would like to express my appreciation, on behalf of the Kenya East Territory, for the fantastic support that the Kenya Trust continues to provide for the people of Kenya. We value the relationship that we have with the Trust and with those who commit to raising funds each year. We want you all to know that the projects we are able to undertake with your support do make a very real and practical difference to the lives of people in need. School classrooms, toilets, desks, beds, mosquito nets….all of these things have met very genuine and pressing needs that otherwise would not be met. We look forward to continuing to work with the Trust for many years to come, for the benefit of children and communities in Kenya.

This year you have faithfully been raising money for the Kimirii Women’s Water project in Meru, Central Kenya. I know that the women and their families would want me to thank you for supporting their particular project. Please accept their deepest thanks and appreciation. What you are doing will make a very real difference to the lives of many hundreds of people – women, men and children. It will help provide them with what many of us take for granted: a regular and plentiful supply of clean water. Think for a moment how different your life would be if every drop of water that your family used each day had to be carried from a river several kilometres away? How would this affect the way you bathe, wash clothes, cook and clean your house? What would your daily routine look like? Now think of how things would change if that water could be piped from the river to where you live, in a plentiful supply? What difference would that make to you and your family? That’s what this project is aiming to achieve for the Kimirii women and their families! Thank you for caring enough to make it happen.

Thank you once again for all your support. May God bless all your efforts in 2009.

Marshall Currie

Nairobi, Kenya

Newsletter 2009 TMSMusic Development

The Kenya Trust continues to support the development of music in The Salvation Army, Kenya. Two shipments of Brass Instruments were sent in 2008 along with guitars, keyboards, timbrels, stands and music. The annual Territory Music School (TMS) was held at the Officer Training College, Thika in December. This followed up a Music Leaders Training Seminar held earlier in the year. 100 students were expected for the TMS. However, such is the keeness of young people there that 130 turned up – the overflow having to sleep on the floor. The staff of the Training College worked hard to accommodate everyone and this contributed greatly to the success of the week. The UK music team of Envoy Ken Clark, Major John Martin, Lilian Baker, John Vincent and Wes Maughan were kept busy with a very active school and the enthusiasm of the students. Ben Parker from Staines, attended the school as a student but proved very helpful in assisting with the demands of additional brass and theory classes.

An Instrument Repair Workshop was a new feature of this year’s TMS complementing the brass, vocal, guitar, gospel dance, keyboard and theory classes. This workshop was made possible by the attendance of Jim Pagington of JPBrass who over a number of years has been a valued supporter of the Trust’s work. Jim attended at his own expense and in addition to running the repair workshop spent time in training two local Kenyan bandsmen on brass instrument repairs. A big word of appreciation goes to Jim for his invaluable contribution.

The UK team was well supported by a local Kenya leadership team. The Final Festival was held at Nairobi Central Corps with over 1500 in attendance. ‘The best one yet’ was the view of Lieut. Colonel Ken Hodder, Chief Secretary of Kenya East Territory.

Fund Raising Thanks!

• British Airways, Jim Pagington (JPBrass) and Steve Parker (DHL Global Forwarding (UK) Ltd) for assistance with Travel, Instruments and Shipments repectively.

• Bristol Easton Corps which continues to be one of the main provider of funds for the Trust, working constantly to support the various projects undertaken. The Corps again sponsored the Territorial Music School by donating £1000 and also provided each delegate with an embroidered polo shirt designed especially for this event. The Band organised a concert with the Avon & Somerset Police choir which raised over £2000 toward the Kimirii Water project. This included a single donation of £500 from Excel logistics, the employer of the Band Secretary. £500 was also donated from carolling efforts. A further £1500 was raised by individual Corps members through small organised fund raising events. The work of the Trust has become a strong part of the Corps’ mission commitment.

• Ray & Julia Oliver (Staines) for an excellent Quiz and mini auction night which raised £1000 for the Kimirii Water project and to The Primary at Staines whose ‘Primary Pennies’ scheme has sailed past the £1000 mark. The Primary is supporting the Joytown School for the Disabled with money to buy mosquito nets, beds and bedding.

• The Isle of Wight sewing group which is providing children’s school bags and curtains.

• Mrs Thelma Evans and the knitting club at Jerusalem Chapel, Burry Port in Wales for the many baby and children’s woollen tops.

• Ben Parker (parachute jump) and Rodney Kingston (London marathon) for their sponsorship efforts.

• Hendon Band (B/M Dr. Stephen Cobb) for their excellent, exciting music at the annual ‘Into Africa’ concert at Staines, also Liam Parker, Staines Songsters (S/L Samantha Turner and Cathy LeFeuvre for their contributions to the concert which raised £3000 for the Kimirii project.

• Bedford Congress Hall for a donation including £200 from the tireless work of Muriel Skemmings who makes and sells items in aid of charity. Also Swindon Citadel for their support. to Top

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