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Five Years On

Last August The Kenya Trust celebrated its 5th anniversary although, prior to the setting up of the Trust in 2004, Envoy Ken Clark (now officer in charge at Luton) had been involved for a number of years in running ‘A Music for Kenya Fund’. This fund assisted the Army with its music development programme by supplying the Kenya territory with second hand Instruments and organising music schools and music leaders training seminars and the Trust continue with this work (see page 3). The setting up of the Trust saw the commencement of our social support efforts and it has been good to look back and reflect on the Trust’s achievements over these five years.

Back in 2005, we didn’t envisage that by 2010 we would have raised over £100,000 and achieve what we have. Everyone, comprising Trustees, fund raisers, supporters and those working on the ground in Kenya can rightly celebrate this milestone and give thanks to God for this opportunity to serve and help many who find themselves in poor and difficult situations.

Newsletter 2010_3Readers of this newsletter and especially the Trust’s supporters may appreciate a quick review of what has been achieved in these five years. We have provided funds for;

• Thika High School for the visually impaired (£3,200 for ergonomically designed desks).

• Joytown School for the disabled (£3000 for two urgently needed toilet blocks) and (£1,420 for mosquito nets, beds and bedding).

• The Army run school at Kibera a vast Nairobi township (£25,000 for two new classrooms and play-area).

• Lokitaung (£2000 for the refurbishment of a dormitory).

• The school at Irukose in western Kenya where the demand for school places in the surrounding villages had grown to over 800 (£32,000 for six classrooms, staff room and latrines).

Newsletter 2010_1• A Water Project at Kimirii. (£21,000 to provide a number of villages, comprising some 2500 people, and a medical centre with clean running water). We are indebted to the International Developments Department at THQ for their support in partnering The Kenya Trust with a £6000 contribution).

• A school in Gategi, eastern Kenya, affiliated to the local Corps there (£5000 for the refurbishment of a unit to house physically and mentally disabled students).

• The purchase of a cooker, fridge, photo copier and water tank for other children and girls homes.

• Shipping well over 2000 kilos of clothes, school materials, medical supplies etc.

Thank You

Our concentration has been in the area of education where poverty and student disability has given rise to acute need. To those of you that have contributed to these projects we do again say a very big THANKYOU.

Your support really counts and is invaluable. If any individual, a group or perhaps your Church/Corps would like to adopt a small improvement project please let us know. You can contact us by e-mail on [email protected]

Newsletter 2010_4Schools Helping Schools

Last year (2009) again was a busy year for fund raising activity and an exceptional year with the amount of donated goods being shipped to Kenya. Two schools that had closed down, Baston Road, Bromley and St David’s Girls school in Ashford, Middlesex, donated their school uniforms, PE attire (skirts, leotards, pants, joggers etc.), school bags and a host of other clothing.

Ruth Vincent, who along with her husband, John, is coming to the end of a three years term of voluntary service with the Salvation Army in Kenya, said that each shipment caused a real air of excitement among members of the social team as they unpacked the shipments and subsequently much appreciation from the Kenyan schools that benefited.

Various commercial companies also kindly donated ‘T’ shirts, trousers, skirts and blankets. With knitted baby and children clothes supplied from various quarters we managed to ship, during the year, in excess of 1500 kilos of clothes of all kind which provided a good boost to the Army’s social programme.

Benefiting substantially from the shipment of clothes were Internally Displaced Persons’ camps. These are camps set up to cater for those who lost their home and were displaced during the post 2008 election violence. It was good to receive a report from Major Joseph Mwanga who expressed his appreciation and thanks for all the clothes that had been received.

Newsletter 2010_5Territorial Music School

For the first time in over 10 years there was no Territory Music School (TMS) held in Nairobi or Thika, in 2009 due to the poor economic conditions prevailing in Kenya. However a Music Leaders Training Seminar (MLTS) was held in March 2009 which coincided with a visit to Kenya of the Central Southern Area.

Fellowship Band (CSAF) under the leadership of B/M Brian Cooper. The staff for the MLTS comprised Envoy Ken Clark (Luton), Hilton and Lilian Baker (Bristol Easton) and John Vincent (Territory Music Consultant – Kenya East). They were supported by a Kenyan music team.

During their stay the CSAF Band shared fellowship and musical events with Corps at Quarry Road, Kabete and Nairobi Central in addition to featuring in a concert with the Kenya East Territory Songsters and a 3 hour rehearsal/teach-in with the MLTS Band.

From The Kenya Trust’s music programme great benefits continue to be seen in terms of a growth in music expertise and ability throughout the territory. With the generous support of Jim Pagington (JP Brass) 127 Instruments were despatched to Kenya bringing the total to well over 1000 since shipments were started.

Newsletter 2010_65Support

The Trust is again indebted to the many people who continue to support us well which enables us to keep up this work in Kenya. Special events in our fund raising efforts in 2009 were ‘Into Africa’ concerts at Staines and Bristol Easton. The Staines concert featured as its main guest Edward Lagonze, (Euphonium) from Nairobi Central. TKT’s musical programme over the years has contributed to Edward developing into a fine musician and he was thrilled to conduct Staines Band in one of his own compositions, the march ‘So Happy’. A debut performance and contributions by the vocal group ‘Hallelujah Anyhow’ (S/L Samantha Turner), was original and outstanding. Staines Band (B/M Tim Parker) ably supported the programme which was compered by Cathy Le Feuvre.

At Bristol Easton the South-Western Divisional Fellowship Band (Norman Cassells) and Youth Chorus (S/L Sue Avison, Bath) united to provide an excellent programme of high standard music to a packed Hall and Trustee Patricia Owen organised an auction at Birmingham Citadel. These three events together brought in over £9000 for the Kimirii Water Project. Special thanks also go to Maidenhead Corps who donated £3000 from their Gift Day to this project.

To all of you who individually donated or raised money we again say how much this is appreciated.

I hope we are able to convey to you, through newsletters and other means, the impact your support is having in the various situations the Trust is involved with. We will always be pleased to provide more information about our work or visit to provide a presentation.

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