• TKT increased its income for the year ending March 31st 2012 from £22,822 (2011) to £28,245. This increase did include £3,800 raised in assisting the drought relief efforts in the north-eastern area of Kenya.
  • Southampton Rotary Club have agreed to support the purchase of Braille machines for the Thika High School for the Visually Impaired.
  • A Territorial Music School was held at the Officers Training College, Thika during the first week of April 2013. For details please go to Events.
  • photoThe first shipment of 25 Instruments have arrived in Mombasa to replace those lost in the fire which destroyed the Hall at Mombasa in the latter part of last year. The Kenya Trust is preparing a second shipment and would like to thank all those that have contributed Instrument for this project or donated funds to assist with shipment and maintenance costs. Thanks particularly go to the Instrument Repair Business in Nairobi for their work in ensuring Instruments were in good playable condition prior to their arrival in Mombasa. Thanks also to Charley Brighton, Staines, for his maintenance work on a number of Instruments. If anyone would specifically like to support this project in donating towards the shipment costs it would be greatly appreciated.

Kenya Report-7Please see Richard Bradbury’s report for details of the Trust’s 2012 social achievements. Richard is resident Project Manager in Kenya East. For music activity please see TKT and Chairman‘s newsletters.