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For a number of years there had been an ongoing initiative to support the Salvation Army in Kenya in developing a music programme. In 1998 the SA Music for Kenya Fund was created to supply the Kenya territory with items such as instruments (brass, guitars, keyboards), teaching manuals, Christian literature, books, educational packs, clothes, toys and many other miscellaneous items. This work was supplemented in the same year with the introduction of an annual music school as part of the territory’s programme.

In 2003 in recognition of the needs of the Territory a team of 6 Salvationists based in the UK got together to supplement the music programme with efforts to improve the conditions in many of the Army run schools and social care establishments. This was the embryonic start of the The Kenya Trust.

Becoming a registered charity in 2004 the Trust has achieved continuous success in areas where poverty affects the ability of local communities to provide adequate schooling or care for special needs children.