Kenya Visit 2008

1 To assist in improving the conditions and facilities at The Salvation Army’s schools, hostels and community centres in Kenya.








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2 To promote and support the development of music within the Salvation Army in Kenya.









Kenya is a country trying to cope with poverty, water shortage, disease and HIV/Aids. Almost a third of the population are under the age of 18 and education and vocational training are huge areas of need to prepare this emerging population to find employment.  The Salvation Army support more than 1200 primary and secondary schools in Kenay as well as specialist schools for the visually, physically and metally impaired.  The Kenya Trust has this as a major focus of our support for The Salvation Army’s work in the area of education and vocational training.

The enthusiasm for music making in Africa is well known and there is a continual need for instruments and music leadership training to support The Salvation Army’s expression of evangelism.  Providing musical instruments as well as training has been a core part of The Kenya Trust activity since its inception in 2004.  Before 2004  The Kenya Trust operated as The Kenya Music Fund which was founded in 1998.