Into Africa  2015 – Bath Citadel

Bath Citadel Into AfricaThe combination of The South West Divisional Fellowship Band, The South West Divisional Youth Chorus and cellist Lydia Stone-Fewings proved to be a winner in every way when they combined to provide an evening of music making in support of The Kenya Trust. The event raised over £3300 for the Trust and this will be used to support two major projects which have been agreed for funding in the Kenya West Territory.

Territorial Commander (Kenya West) Commissioner Kenneth Hodder had requested that the Trust consider funding a fresh water supply to the Madegwa S.A. School. The cost of providing a bore hole and a pump was in the region of £2500 and the congregation were able to see something of the location and the school where the bore hole would be drilled. The second project was to provide a chicken raising unit to the Solongo S.A. Polytechnic school. This Army school specialises in providing vocational training to young people who have had either limited or no schooling, and it aims to send them back to their families with training in many disciplines. Chicken rearing and breeding is a new initiative they want to be able to offer and this project, costing £1000 will enable the purchase of all the necessary equipment together with the initial stock of chicks.

The congregation were shown pictures of a number of other projects completed by the Trust during 2015, and they responded to the appeal in a very generous manner.

The evening also saw the launch of the new CD ‘Blessings’ featuring the piano music of Songster Leader Susan Avison of Bath Citadel, all the profits of which will be donated to the Kenya Trust to help fund its ongoing work for the Salvation Army in both the Kenya Territories.