Newsletter 2008 TMSApril 2011

The writing of any article, letter, essay, treatise or thesis can sometimes be reduced to the mundane level of dry and not particularly interesting facts and figures.  Not so (I sincerely hope!) this Newsletter or any previous ones.

Once again I will endeavour to give an accurate and realistic overview of the work of The Kenya Trust as we continue to support the Music and Social Programme of The Salvation Army`s Kenya East Territory and, as always, it is a question of where to begin rather than searching for what there is to report.

Newsletter No. 15 October 2010 gave a comprehensive account of the successful ninth Music Leaders Training Seminar, an innovative and relevant music course that we have organised, sponsored and staffed since August 2001.  In just a few weeks time we shall be travelling to Kenya for another seminar, but one with a difference.  More of that later.

Without doubt the greatest challenge that we, or any other registered charity, face is that of fund raising.  Fortunately we are blessed with a multitude of supporters across a broad spectrum who have for many years given generously to The Kenya Trust.

In the last six months we have benefited from a generous increase in fundraising, as follows:-

• Newsletter No. 15 October 2010 £1,763.

• Bristol Easton £1,751.

• Twickenham Toddler Song & Play Group £775.

• On Saturday 5th March an event at Jarrow Salvation Army Corps raised £1,024, organised by Songster Leader John Pearson and Captain Audrey Miller; from 1979 to 1992 Audrey lived and worked in Kenya as a Salvation Army Officer.

• On Saturday 26th March a similar event at Gainsborough, organised by Peter Millest, raised £493 plus 22 good brass instruments and some percussion equipment.  Peter`s sister, Jean Willows, donated a new Holton Bb cornet in memory of her late husband Emlyn.

• Eileen Thompson (Swindon Gorse Hill) gave £500 for use in Kibera.

• Joan Clark (Worthing) £325, this in addition to an ongoing supply of children`s knitted clothes, hats and toys.  Over the years, Joan has personally given nearly £3,000.

Newsletter 2010_4Income comes in regularly from other sources, such as Staines Primary Pennies Scheme, Lilian Baker`s music pupils, Car Boot Sales (an initiative of Hilton & Lilian Baker), Bristol Easton Over Sixties Club, Sheila Clark (Maidenhead) who raises money through her local Women`s Institute, donations that are gift aided and those who give monthly through direct debit.

There are various forms of `giving` and one that can be overlooked is the personnel who willingly offer their time and expertise to visit Kenya and who comprise the UK Music Team.  For your interest and statistical information here is a list of those people and the number of times they have visited:-

Wendy Clark (1), Jennifer Hopkin (1), Maurice Ozanne (2), Peter Lloyd (4), Diane Lloyd (3), Patricia Owen (4), Graeme Wright (2), Jonathan Baker (2), Major John Martin (4), Major Ian Loxley (1), Wes Maughan (9), Hilton Baker (6), Lilian Baker (11), Jonathan Chappell (2), Martin Olver (3), Christine Bryant (1), Cath Maughan (2), Cheryl Hatcliffe (1), Jonathan Hall (1), Jim Pagington (2), Ben Parker (1), Ken Clark (24).

I am extremely grateful to everyone for their wholehearted support and willingness to be a part of the greater `team`, and I do emphasise the word team.

In March 2010 a telephone conversation between myself and Major Stephen White (Divisional Director for Evangelism, West Midlands Division) started a long process of negotiation with Nairobi THQ to invite two Kenyan musicians to the UK.  This was realised in February 2011 when Bandmaster Benson Kioko and Stanley Makau from Quarry Road Corps, Nairobi, visited the UK for 3 weeks, a trip that included participation in Divisional Music Councils in Birmingham, visiting Coventry City Corps, Stratford upon Avon, Winton Corps (Bournemouth) and other sight-seeing trips.  Whilst in London they visited the Music Ministries Unit (THQ) and International Headquarters where they met Commissioners Kenneth & Jolene Hodder, formerly of Kenya.  For their third week they attended the Territorial Youth Band & Choir Course in Bournemouth, the Final Festival taking place on Friday 25th February in the Lighthouse, Poole`s Centre for the Arts.

The last 24 hours of their stay was in Twickenham before an exhausted pair of young men boarded a British Airways flight back to Kenya, having enjoyed an exciting non-stop schedule of activities.  Thanks must go particularly to Stephen for his organisation.

Layout 1On Saturday 18th June at 7.00pm the annual `INTO AFRICA` Concert at Staines will take place.  Guest soloists are Deryck Diffey from Canada (cornet), Andrew Justice from Enfield & the International Staff Band (trombone) and Sarah Denyer (vocal).  Supporting are Staines Band and `Hallelujah Anyhow` choral group.  This is always an excellent occasion and if you wish to attend, book your tickets soon.

On Wednesday 22nd June Hilton & Lilian Baker (Bristol Easton), Geoff Scales (Banbury) and I will be visiting Kenya.  Geoff is the Corps  Sergeant Major at Banbury and a member of the Central Southern Area Fellowship Band who visited Kenya in March 2009.  We will be breaking new ground in that this seminar will have a dual purpose.

Ten years ago the Music Leaders Training Seminar (MLTS) was a new concept brought about in consultation with the then Territorial Commander Commissioner Verna Skinner and myself.  The idea was to bring together Bandmasters, Songster Leaders, deputies, potential leaders and top Territorial Music School (TMS) students for a course of study in a variety of music-related subjects.  This has a proven track record with the result that many young people have been identified with strong musical and personal qualities who are now in leadership roles across the country.  Quite a number have become Salvation Army Officers.

Recently the Territorial leadership appointed 34 Divisional/District Music Co-ordinators (DMC`s) and their assistants whose brief is to administrate and co-ordinate music matters; a Music Council has also been established to advise THQ.  This new venture is the first attempt to unite all those who are involved and to bring them together with regular MLTS students.  We feel this is encouraging and we hope to play a useful part in making it a success.

The Kenya Trust continues to support the Social Programme, the latest project being the Nairobi Girls Training Centre.   This is a vocational boarding school, located in the compound of the Quarry Road Corps and Nairobi Divisional Headquarters.  Established in 1964, it caters for young girls, many of whom come from poor rural families.  Education for girls is not so highly valued as for boys, so for many girls this provides a valuable option to otherwise being left out of the education system after primary school.

There are currently 58 girls at the school.  The facilities are old and in need of repair but the major need is for equipment and teaching materials, most of which can be sourced in Kenya.  Our task is therefore to raise the necessary money, which is estimated to be around £5,000.

This may seem a lot, but it will purchase a great many items ranging from Jiko cookers, a refrigerator, kitchen utensils, knitting machines, irons & ironing boards, bathing basins, first aid bandages & materials, sewing machines and needles.  In addition, the dormitories need refurbishing, some general repairs and painting.  There is no shortage of work that could be done!

We are continuing to support Gategi Primary School`s Special Unit for Mentally Handicapped Children for a further year.

As for The Salvation Army in Kenya itself, it continues to grow and expand, reaching out to the people in every area of life.

A significant event took place in March this year.  Commissioner Hezekiel Anzeze, the Territorial Commander since February 2002, retired from that position with great honour after nine eventful and challenging years. The proceedings were appropriately conducted by Commissioners Kenneth & Jolene Hodder (Ken was Chief Secretary to Commissioner Anzeze from March 2006 to June 2009).  They also conducted the wedding ceremony of Commissioner Anzeze.  His first wife, Commissioner Clerah Anzeze, died in July 2005 after a long illness.  Both the retirement and the wedding took place in the western city of Kakamega.

It is worth mentioning the debt that The Kenya Trust owes to the leadership in Kenya, who have successively supported our efforts –

Commissioner Donald Odegaard (Feb. 1997-Feb. 2000).

Commissioner Verna Skinner (Feb. 2000-Feb. 2002).

Commissioner Hezekiel Anzeze (Feb. 2002-March 2011).

Chief Secretary Lt.Colonel Bernard Ndwiga (Feb. 1997-Sept. 2000).

Chief Secretary Lt.Colonel Hezekiel Anzeze (Sept. 2000-Feb. 2002).

Chief Secretary Lt.Colonel Lyndon Spiller (Feb. 2002-March 2006).

Chief Secretary Lt.Colonel Kenneth Hodder (March 2006-June 2009).

Chief Secretary Colonel Steven Howard (June 2009-).

The new Territorial Commander is Commissioner John Wainwright who, together with his wife Dorita, will shortly be in residence in Nairobi.

Please `talk-up` the work of TKT to those who might be interested and let us know.  We are available to visit your corps, church, club or organisation to talk and to give a video and PowerPoint presentation.

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Tel: 020 8894 5872


Yours sincerely


Kenneth Clark

Bandmaster(R)/Divisional Envoy